My approach

As an integrative psychotherapist I have developed a model of psychotherapy based on recognised psychotherapeutic theories. I work with a holistic approach, taking into account all areas of human experience, such as cognition, affect, behaviour and the body.

My central theme is the view that human beings are primarily relationship-seeking. Our psychological development takes place particularly through early interactions with our care-givers which decisively shape our inner world. This influences how we see ourselves, our self-esteem and our psychological wellbeing.

Insufficient or abusive early relationships have a profound negative impact on our thoughts and behaviours, inhibit our spontaneity, limit our flexibility in dealing with life's adversities and make it difficult to form enjoyable, supportive relationships.

Just as psychological distress emerges from relationships, healing and personal growth take place in the context of relationships, too. Forming an empathic mutual relationship with my clients is thus central to my approach.